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We Recycle Spectacles & Hearing Aids

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2015-16 SPECTREK

Our district collected 140,000 pairs of spectacles in the last year (2015-16) of which 4,000 were collected in Poole.
In total our district has now collected 2,973,150 pairs over the years and we are going to hit an ongoing total of well over 3,000,000 in our centennial year.
Over the past 20 years The Lions Club of Poole have collected thousands of pairs of glasses which we have sent to be cleaned and refurbished and then distributed  to Countries where the majority of the population cannot afford a pair of glasses or hearing aids.

The glasses and hearing aids allow people to integrate within their communities, work and see their families and friends.  Ultimately the spectacles and hearing aids allow people to be less dependant on others and have a purpose again within their famiies and communities.

Once a year all the glasses collected by the Lions Clubs across Dorset, Hampshire, parts of Whiltshire and Berkshire are picked up by Petersfield Lions and taken to the Distribution depot.

This is called SPECTREK day.

Just imagine not being able to see your child or grandchilds face, read them a book, or hear them laugh.

So don't throw old glasses or hearing aids away,  PUT THEM IN OUR BINS

We have collection points across Poole

  • Leightons Opticians, 157 High St, Poole, BH15 1AU
  • Whiffen Opticians, 2 Bournemouth Rd BH14 0ES